Sturdy, comfortable, reusable face shields
made in Charlottesville, Virginia

Reusable face shields that I designed and manufacture on a small scale

My reusable face shields feature:

  • adjustability
  • sturdiness,
  • a visor that lifts up like a welding mask,
  • the ability to sterilize all components and reuse them,

Face shields in use at a COVID ICU at VCU Hospital

My goal is to donate as many face shields as possible to frontline workers at hospices, care facilities etc in Charlottesville, but I can’t singlehandedly fund the project either, so they are for sale at $6 a set (watch video to see what that includes), and any general support-type donations of money will translate into face shields donated to worthy causes. Realistically I can make 50-100 face shields a week, so inquire about availability or to place an order. Read more about the project here.

Healthcare/ frontline workers, charitable causes and at-risk individuals are welcome to request face shield donations.

I make no guarantee that my face shields will protect the wearer against COVID-19, so use at your own risk. FACE SHIELDS SHOULD BE WORN IN COMBINATION WITH MASKS!

Direct all inquiries to and please help spread the word about!

-Russell U. Richards
Charlottesville, VA